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Don’t be apart – BE A PART!


2016 is nearly upon us. For many, that means a time to be ‘out with the old and in with the new.’  The same is true for brookvillealliancechurch.com.  As of January 1, 2016, the sermons from 2014  will no longer be available for streaming or downloading.  So if you are hoping to hear those sermons, you’d best get to listenin’.  All 2015 sermons will still be available throughout the new year.

Got kids?  Then read on for some information that you can use!

Kids are always welcome at Brookville Alliance Church!  We have a well-staffed nursery for young ‘uns, and for the slightly older tykes, there is Kids’ Zone each week.  Kids aged 3 years old through 3rd grade generally sit with their parents for the beginning of the morning worship hour, and go downstairs for the exciting Bible-based curriculum we like to call Kids’ Zone after about 15-20 minutes.  Kids stay at Kids’ Zone for the remainder of the service.  Kids’ Zone is especially for kids ages 3 through 3rd grade (or thereabouts) but there are no ID checks at the door, so all kids are welcome to attend!   There is an ample number of adult teachers providing adequate supervision for Kids’ Zone as well as numerous additional helpers each week, helping ensure each child has a great time learning valuable Bible truths, participating in the weekly discussions, and connecting with other kids too!  Naturally, not every child chooses to participate in Kids’ Zone, and if they would prefer to stay in the main service, that’s fine too!  If you have any questions regarding Kids’ Zone, feel free to contact our church office at (814)849-7500, and our friendly and courteous staff will be glad to get you the information you need.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Coffee pot broken?  No problem – BAC features fresh-brewed coffee every Sunday morning at 9:30, just in time for Sunday school and small groups!  Many weeks, there are also a few carbohydrate-laden treats too!

Brookville Alliance Church is pleased to present the BAC puppet ministry.  Each week, the morning worship hour begins with a lively and informative skit that helps introduce kids of all ages to valuable Biblical truths.  Make sure you arrive by 10:45 to ensure the best possible seating (at the front, on the right side) for the puppet skit, as our friends Julius, Kimmie, Doug, and that zany character Marvin as they share their adventurous tales each and every Sunday morning.  Best of all, there are currently openings for new members to join the BAC puppet team.  If you’re interested in being part of the team, or part of the writing team, please contact Pastor Smeal at pastor@brookvillealliancechurch.com.

Curious about the current series you can be a part of at BAC?  Here is a quick summary of each one:

  • Sunday Mornings: Currently, Pastor Smeal is preaching through the Bible book of Jonah.  What valuable insights are there for you as we study through this valuable part of God’s Word for you today?  Be sure to come on out each week so you don’t miss out on a single thing.  The morning worship hour begins at 10:45, but if you’re up early, come on out at 9:30 – we have numerous Sunday School classes for adults and children alike, as well as a few adult small groups that meet in the church building.  Or, if you’re up super early, come out at 9:00 and join the Sunday morning prayer group, which meets each week at McDonald’s in Brookville.
    • Upcoming Sunday morning series and (approximate) dates:
      • June 14 – September 6 – Esther – Family, For Such a Time as This.
  • Sunday Evenings:  Running now through May 3, join the open small group we like to call “Prospectors” as we dig deep in God’s Word, studying through some of the most noteworthy women of the Bible.  We will be meeting at 5:30 in the downstairs fellowship hall.  Come grab a coffee and a seat, and prepare to join in a round-table-type discussion – or just kick back and listen in!
  • Wednesday Evenings: Throughout 2015, we will be studying through the New Testament book of Hebrews, taking a few verses each week and exploring God’s Word in order to see a few practical life lessons and applications from this fascinating book that seeks to demonstrate the superiority of Christ over all other so-called ‘gods’.  Join us at 6:30 for a brief time in the Word of God, followed by separate prayer groups that make intercession and give praise for God’s blessings.  Check it out – you just might get hooked!

Come to BAC on Sunday mornings.  You’ll like it.  Remember – you can’t spell bacon without BAC!

BAC extends a warm welcome to all visitors.  Take time to look around our church website; it’s the finest church website we have on the web today!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office at (8 1 4) 849 – 7500 .

The Sunday morning schedule is as follows:  9:30am Small Groups / Sunday School;  10:45am Morning worship service; 12:00noon (or so) BOOM!  Lunchtime!!!

Small groups meet throughout the week, either at the church or in various people’s homes (People of the church, that is – not unsuspecting people that we don’t know – we know better than that now!)  Anyway, to get connected with a small group, please speak to Pastor Smeal or any of our small group leaders.

For upcoming events, please check out the “upcoming events” page.   

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